Achieving BIG

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It’s approaching High Season (late winter/spring) for many of the major gala events in the Birmingham Fundraising World and everyone is after the BIG money

  • BIG corporate money
  • BIG auction items
  • BIG auction bidders
  • BIG attendance

Let’s go over a few key elements in achieving BIG!

To achieve BIG results you need to begin the planning process with the Big trusted professional team of Granger, Thagard & Associates Auctioneers.

From the moment you perceive the need to raise the much needed funds for your nonprofit, you need the guidance that we provide.  Over the past 30 years, Jack Granger has performed 30 plus live auctions each year for nonprofits here in the Birmingham area.  He for sure knows most of your attendees and they know when they see his name in your media and print coverage that it is going to be a first-class professional event that will not only entertain them and keep them engaged, but bring about the BIG money that they want to see raised for the charity they are there to support.

Jack is not only Mr. Showbusiness, promising a fun and exhilarating live auction, but he generously gives of his time and energy to embrace your fundraiser and enhance it, giving you all of his expertise and the best guidance through well-proven and time-tested formulas for a successful outcome.

Jack understands the flow of not only your event, but while performing the live auction, he reads the crowd, making split second decisions on his feet.  He uniquely gets into the minds of your patrons and reads their desire for not only the item up for bid, but their desire to be a HERO for the nonprofit and capitalizes on it in a quick-witted floor show.

Our team of bid assistants work in harmony with your crowd, encouraging their participation and making sure they are having fun engaging totally with the bidding process.

Our team also has the unique addition of a seasoned pro, Yvonne Pope, who has been an executive director of a nonprofit and been in the joy of fundraising for 25 years.  She understands and knows exactly who and what you are competing with. 

Yvonne is available to you all through the planning and execution of your fundraiser to discuss every detail so that the night of your fundraiser no money is left on the table.


You don’t skimp on the venue!  You don’t skimp on the caterer!  You don’t skimp on the band!  Why would you skimp on the ONE CHANCE YOU HAVE TO RAISE MONEY AT YOUR EVENT – YOUR LIVE AUCTION?

Radio personalities, friends of the organization, out of town auctioneers parachuted in for the night are not going to raise the BIG money in the room.  Do not leave money on the table!

Don’t underestimate the value of the investment in the professional auction team.  The cost versus investment is worth the difference Granger, Thagard & Associates Auctioneers brings to your fundraiser versus the “Free” radio/TV host or friend of a friend who enjoys standing in front of a crowd and playing auctioneer. 

Yvonne Pope
Director, Nonprofit Events


Phone:  205-936-1403

Visit our website: GT Nonprofit Auctions

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