How is a Fund Raising Event like Nurturing a Garden?

You’ve prepared and tilled the soil; selected and planted just the right seed; carefully watered and fertilized; weeded the bad distractions, and harvested at the just right time …Finally, it’s time to enjoy the bounty! 

As the non-profit fund raising chair or committee member for your organization, let’s say “you’re  the Gardener*”, do you execute the perfect steps for your harvest…. Or are you hoping to just get lucky in reaching your fund raising goals?

The secret of the great garden or the successful fundraiser is the word …engagement. 

An engaged gardener* leads to an engaged committee which leads to an engaged audience which leads to a harvest.

It is impossible to replace the dynamics of a rousing auction created by supportive attendees, with any other format. Many have thought of new ways to raise money …but it all leads back to auctions.

Granger Thagard introduced the auction concept of raising funds for nonprofits back in 1987. 

The Granger Thagard Auction team will guide you each step of the way to a successful auction experience. From an initial meeting with auction director Brent McCulloch, your staff will be guided for the months, the weeks…the days…and ultimately the hours before your event …so your harvest will be a bounty!

We look forward to working with you to reach exponential success!


Brent McCulloch
Director, Non-Profit Events