Party “Fowl”

Everyone has the crazy relative that seems to predictably commit a party foul at every gathering…whether it be the proverbial lamp shade on the head or saying exactly the wrong thing at exactly the wrong time.

In the world of fund raising, there are party fouls that can upset the event just like the crazy relative can upset a family gathering!  Let’s recap a few party fouls that on the surface don’t seem that big, but can have a tremendous negative impact on the event…

  • Having an in-experienced auctioneer at the event—just as with most things in life…The cost of hiring an amateur is more than the cost of a professional doing it right the first time. In fact, there is a high cost associated with ‘free’…
    • Do you want a person who just dabbles in surgery performing yours? NO
    • Would you hire a person who has never sewed altering your wedding dress? NO
    • Would you want a professional auctioneer with over 29 years of experience to host your next fund raiser? YES
  • Too many items to sell.
    • Less is more when it comes to maximizing bids—Let us help you determine the number and kind of items to auction.
    • We all know the 80/20 rule—do you know the 20/20 rule of fund raising—we’ll show you.
  • The “PARTY FOWL” of them all…
    • The event IS all about raising funds for your organization.
    • The event IS NOT about the food, the band or the table décor.
      • Food—no one remembers the ‘fowl’ but want to know how many $$ were raised at the event…
      • Music–no one remembers the songs but everyone remembers the impact of the dollars raised.
      • Décor—most folks notice tasteful décor…some might even want to know who did the center pieces… but everyone wants to know how much money was raised!
    • Remember, the event is not dinner with an auction, it is an auction with dinner!

Avoid party ‘fowls”…let the professionals at Granger-Thagard help you plan and execute your next event.  Success is just an auction away…

1-2-3 SOLD!

Brent Mc



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