Who’s YOUR Auctioneer?

Granger Thagard Auctioneers is proud to announce that our benefit auction guru, Joey Longoria, now holds the coveted resident auctioneer license with the State of Alabama.  Which brings us to the subject of this blog…Who is your next event Auctioneer? Is it someone who eats, lives and breathes fundraising?  Or, is it someone who thinks being a benefit auctioneer means getting up and chanting a few numbers without the knowledge behind successful fundraisers?


The Granger Thagard Team!

As the Boss…why will you hire a real Auctioneer to help with your next event?  Quite simply, because we study the science behind benefit auctions and the profession in general.  AND, we know fundraising and benefit event marketing which translates to smooth, fun and profitable events for your group!  Making YOU look like the hero! Or, as the Boss, will you be asking for the services of a free/pretend auctioneer? Someone who might appear to know slightly more than you do about benefit auctions, but is really a danger to your event’s success?  Are you willing to take on that risk?  Don’t get “buffaloed” by someone whose heart is in the right place, but just doesn’t know how to guide you.Image

As the Boss, ask yourself these questions:

  • Question:  We’re having a fundraiser, where do we have it?

            Answer:  Maybe it’s at The Club, or Cahaba Grand or Iron City…either way, I’m hosting our event at a professional event venue.

  • Question:  We’re serving dinner for 400.  Who does the food?

            Answer:  The head chef at the venue!  Or, maybe a professional catering company is bringing the food in. A professional chef is doing the cooking.

  • Question:  We need a band that will be playing before and after the dinner and auction.  Who do we hire?

            Answer:  There are a number of good bands that can entertain our guests for the night, but I know they’re not free.  They are professional musicians.

  • Question: We have to raise “x” amount of money the night of our event. Those income streams are the silent auction, live auction and pledge.  Who will conduct our fundraising? Ahhh!  Wait. Who was that group that had the crowd in a bidding frenzy and entertained the whole room at the last event we attended?

            Answer: The free guy who is my accountant by day.

            Answer:  The free guy who missed being cast in his high school musical and still longs for the stage and attention

            Answer:  The company who started the benefit auction genre in Birmingham.  The company who is both entertaining and makes you money!  The only company with an auction staff and full event planning staff ready to work for you and your cause!  Granger Thagard Auctioneers!  Ding ding ding! You are correct.  They are professional auctioneers.

GTA action

At Granger Thagard Auctioneers, we work for you every day, because it’s our job!  Here are the words from two of our most recent clients:

“With expertise and professional delivery, Jack’s energy and skill at handling the crowd during the live auction pushed our net profit up beyond our wildest expectations! We are elated to have substantially increased our profits this year” – Denise Michard, Development Officer, Holy Family Cristo Rey High School 

“Feedback from our parents, teachers, et al has been extremely positive.  You guys did a fabulous job.  No going back to amateurs!!!! Thank You!” – Tery Young, Spring Valley School 

What are you waiting for?  Give us a call, as many have already for fall and spring, to see if we are available to work for you!

-Granger Thagard Auctioneers