“Get Your Billion Back America!”


Joey Longoria working for YOUR billions!

Joey Longoria working for YOUR billions!

We’ve all heard the recent H&R Block commercial, “One Billion Dollars is left behind by people who do their own taxes.”
As we conclude black tie season in Birmingham, we’ve all been to a multitude of fundraisers. Ask yourself this: How much money did OUR group leave behind?
Birmingham is one of the most benevolent cities in the country and the event attendees are some of the most auction savvy people you’ll meet. Yet, so many groups subject their willing and able bidders to amateur hour when it comes to the most important part of the evening…the fundraising part of their fundraiser! Not only are you doing your event (and more importantly, your cause) a disservice, but you are subjecting your non-profit to fraud and illegal transactions by using someone who does not know the rules and regulations that protect your group. So many variables are present at any event, whether you’re planning a 200 person event for your local elementary school or a seated dinner, packed house of nearly 1,000. Having someone show you how to eliminate the variables and maximize your night of profits will allow you to focus on the FUN part of your fundraiser and allow you, as the Development Director or Executive Director the time needed to cultivate those corporate partnerships!

Jack Granger in full flight!

Jack Granger in full flight!

Think of this another way: Groups rarely, if ever, purchase event insurance…or do they? We work with some groups for as long as nine months on their total event design with a great concentration on their “night of” profit centers: silent auction, live auction and pledging. What these groups have indirectly done by hiring us, is purchase fundraising insurance!

The Granger Thagard staff is ready to roll!...SOLD!

The Granger Thagard staff is ready to roll!…SOLD!

Is it time for YOUR event to take the next step? Is your event already moving in the right direction and you want to see it continue to grow? Are ready to stop leaving dollars behind? Of course you are! Pick up the phone and call us now…our Fall Season is filling up quickly!
Happy Bidding,
Joseph Longoria


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