Spring Fever!

Jack Granger in full flight!

Jack Granger in full flight!

Well folks, Birmingham’s Gala Season has come and gone!  We are still catching our breath.  Granger Thagard Auctioneers has been blessed this year to have worked with so many wonderful groups and play an integral role in well executed and successful events.  Some new trends are moving in for 2013 and some are still tried and true.  One thing is certain…the events that consider all of the components of their night, that have a TEAM concept, rather than a bunch of individual parts, are enjoying seamless, fun and financially successful events.decor 

I’d love to tell you that Granger Thagard Auctioneers are SO good that we can show up the night of your event, work our magic, and leave your guests mesmerized and your event with tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  But, alas, we are not magicians…and will leave the prestidigitation to David Copperfield.  We are, however, very knowledgeable about how to make your event successful. 
Sooo, what you want to know is what’s still working and what is something new, right?  Well, what still holds true, much like the last 12-18 months, is having trips and great dining packages in your live auction.  People are spending more these days and I’d tell you that leaning a little heavier on the trips, both in the US and abroad, is a good idea.  Some of you are still hell bent on having personal property items (artwork, jewelry, fur coat) in your live auction (against my professional suggestion) and have to hear the dreaded “I told ya so” afterward.  I promise I don’t like having to use that line.  Your live auction is not a time to “Let’s see how it does”.  Those slots, let’s call them live auction real estate, are far too valuable.  We did an event for The Service Guild with approximately 500 in attendance. The live auction had 10 items (all travel and dining…Yippee) and each item was simple and with few components.  What happened was highly competitive bidding, an auction that did not drag on and on and a whole lot of fun!

Happy winners at the Heart Ball

Happy winners at the Heart Ball

  Fun + $$ = Success.  Sounds simple right?  In a way it is…though, the ladies behind this event’s success will show you a binder with 6 months worth of notes.  If you do the work leading up to the night of, you will enjoy the benefits of your labor.  So, what’s a new trend?  It has to do with your Silent Auction and for that, you will have to tune in to our next blog.  Hint:  it will be titled “Less is More”


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