Picking Up Where We Left Off!


2012 James Bond Gala at The Club

February, as everyone knows, is the heart of Gala Season in and around Birmingham – and we are off to a ROARing start!  In a twenty-one day span, from February 4th – February 25th, Granger Thagard Auctioneers collectively helped our clients raise over $1 million dollars at their benefit events.  Sounds impressive, right?  Well, it should.  But, if you’re going to be impressed, I ask that you not be so impressed with the numbers, but rather what can happen when some very simple steps are followed…when groups make a choice to stop fighting their own event and allow their fundraising professional, their auction marketing professional, to guide them to success. 

GTA + great event team = exceeding expectations

Some of the groups we spent six to nine months with.  Their event also had 500 attendees, so they really needed the extra plannning and time.  One group called us less than a month from their event.  While I do not advise that tactic, we were still able to make some tweaks to their event format, their live auction procurement and add a pledge element to their evening.  End result….130% increase over the previous year.  Another group, just two years ago, was hosting a heavy hors d’oeuvres event and making about $30,000 with their auction segment.  We all know by now that heavy hors d’oeuvres means you’re leaving money on the table, right?  Well, this group made some healthy format changes last year based on our advice (25 years in the business and over 500 benefit events, and yes, they moved to a seated dinner) and followed up this year with a $90,000 auction segment and a sold out room!  All you have to do is pick up the phone and call The Granger Thagard team!  We are here to make your work far more easier, your event much more smooth, your patrons happier, and most of all – your bank account larger!  After all, the goal is to actually raise more money at your fundraiser, right?

Happy Bidding! – Joey


aTeam Ministries event - another successful year!


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